Friday, July 17, 2009


I have been having issues with my back for about a month now, and I finally had enough!!!! I caved in, and faced my fear and went to the doctor. I went to an orthopaedist and had myself checked out.

After they took X-rays I was sitting in the examination room, thinking the absolute worst....I won't even go there. So, they come back with the X-ray and say... there is definitely nothing life threatening, WELL, that made me breathe once again. What a relief!!!!

What I do have is a muscle spasm in my lower back and this has been causing me so much pain and discomfort!!! :( So now I have to start physical therapy and hopefully it will work. All I have to say is... it better work!!!


  1. I just found out I'm vitamin D deficient and my symptoms were the same ones you're having. Check it out (blood test) Normal levels are 30 - 100. My level was at .15 Very, very low!

  2. Ewww! Do you think that is the cause of the pain? I think I amgoing to try the therapy and if it continues I will check out what you said. Thanks for the heads up!!