Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Need a Following....PLEASE

Hey guys! Haven't written in a few days, I've been busy. Found a little free time to write a little. Well, what I am trying to do is start as following with this blog. I know some of you read it; but I am begging you all to click on and become a follower for me. It would be greatly appreciated, you can also tell your friends to follow as well!!! Also please feel free to post comments to what I write I always enjoy the feedback!!!

Ummm....what else- this has been a crazy week. Sunday was the beginning....went to a Mets game with the family---CityField, NICE! We were in the Empire Suites and that was sweet in itself!! Thanx Danny!!! Then as for the rest of the days I've been running around just like anybody else doing boring errands. I will not bore you with the details.

I think I need a change in a vacation perhaps? YES! That's it!We haven't booked the family vacation, don't know what we are waiting for but I really think we ALL need to go ASAP!!!! ( I will update on this matter)

OK, I think I am done for today, quite boring I think. I need to add some excitement in my day to day life. OH! I did find an awesome clip today, totally me.....I wish this could happen in real life!!! So I will leave you all with this link and enjoy!!!!

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