Friday, July 3, 2009

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!

Celebrating the 4th of July is just not the same anymore :(

Whenever I think about Independence Day it always takes me back to my childhood in which we always had a BBQ in the backyard and then.....BANG!

We (my sister and I) always knew that somewhere in the garage there was a hidden stash of fireworks. When we were growing up, the whole block, mind you it was full of kids our age, had their own little stash. But, we and two other neighbors, always had the best. I will never forget the year that the whole street was covered with the aftermath of exploding fireworks. It looked like a snow storm.

Today as adults, with children, we tend to think about these things differently. What was my dad thinking about letting us light those things? Whatever....I secretly am glad that he did let me do it. I had a BLAST doing it !!!! LOL!! He mentioned it the other day and again I was taken to that childhood place and I got that feeling of being a kid again lighting up those fireworks, hearing the fuse burn and then BANG BANG BANG!!! No cares in the world back then.....

Someone once asked me why are fireworks associated with the 4th of July?

Well...... I quickly responded: And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air...get it. My answer wasn't taken well. Maybe I was a tad rude with my tone.

Come on people! INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!! They were celebrating!!! It could be that our forefathers were shooting off rifles, guns, and cannons to celebrate!!!

I did some quick searching on the topic....this is what I found:

From National Geographic News:
July 4th Facts: Fireworks, Founding Fathers, and More Fireworks, first authorized by Congress for Fourth of July, 1777.

Well in closing, I hope I get to see some kind of fireworks, just so I could get that feeling that I used to get as a child....HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE!!

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