Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacationing with Kids

Gosh!! I was warned about traveling with kids but I was not warned about the packing for kids. I always feel like I am forgetting something when I pack for myself, now add two more people to the equation and.....

Everyday I am thinking, did I pack this? Where is that shirt? What else should I bring? I only wish these were questions that pertained to ME! I am thinking about the kids and you know what?????? I'm going to end up forgetting MY stuff!!

I guess I should just relax and deal with it when we get to our destination. The things I should not forget are most important anyway---their toys!!! God help us all if those are forgotten and anyway, I have given THEM that responsibility. They need to pack what they want to bring (although I have put limits on that, they are capable of packing everything that's in front of them).

I will let you all know how that goes! Our vaca is delaying the re-decorating of the kids room....I haven't forgotten about that (I will post pictures when it is completed).

Talk to you all soon!!

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