Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, we made it back from our Aruba vacation in one piece. Now we are back home and routines have to get back in order. Especially the discipline routines!!! Those ALL got thrown out the window!! I have NO idea what got into my kids while we were away. The problem is that they think now they could continue acting the way that they did. I will not have it! I don't care what anyone says.....too much freedom is NOT a good thing! We were on vacation so we let them go, but now, this is the end. Other than the few tantrums that were inevitable, we had a great time.

We decided to take this vacation to celebrate the birthdays of our children (they are both summer babies). I think this was much better than throwing any type of birthday party! These are memories that will never be forgotten. They had a blast and they want to go back!! That is the most important thing to me--as long as they enjoyed it and had fun, my mission was accomplished.

Now we have to start getting them ready for school......that is another story for another day!

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