Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to Normal

Okay, we are now back from a whole week away which by the way, flew by waaay to quickly. We are now back to the day to day routines and the trip is always mentioned at sometime during each day. Fun stuff!

Now, I have not forgotten about my decorating and re-do of the kiddie room. I am excited! The bedding arrived at the door today and I couldn't wait to open it. Even the kids were excited!! (That is always a good thing!)

Got some color cards and we both (hubby and I) agreed very easily on the wall color!!! Wooo Hoooo!!! I thought I would have a tougher time with that. All we really need to do now is decide WHEN the painting is going to actually take place.

When that decision is made......all the rest will fall into place!

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