Saturday, November 27, 2010

OPI Axxium Soak-Off Gel Mani

So I gave in.  I did away with the traditional manicure of base coat, color, and top coat.  Today I opted for the OPI Axxium Soak-Off Gel Mani. takes a little longer, but the en result is wonderful!!!  Guess what the best part is??? NO DRYING TIME!!! Who cares if the actual manicure takes longer.  I can rummage in my bag (for keys) without ruining my freshly painted nails!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!! For that reason alone I am sure to get this done again.

This manicure promises to last at least 2 weeks (or more) without chipping.  I am going to have to test this myself. Now when I do dishes, I do not wear rubber gloves.  I know I should, but I don't (stop scolding me).  Most of the time the dishwasher does that job anyway.  At work I am constantly on the computer, if not having to fix someones issue with a computer, I work with books and I have kids. I guess this is all normal wear and tear on a manicure.  My "normal" manicure usually lasts about a week and a half before seeing the tip of my nail or some chips.  So 2 weeks without a chip sounds wonderful.

The picture below shows my fresh  OPI Axxium Soak-Off Gel Mani.  I will post another pic next week to see what it looks like and I will continue from there.  I hope this was worth the money.

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