Friday, January 7, 2011


Guys, I a m so sorry if I left you hanging on the OPI polish!!!!  Shame on me!!!  Well, so that you know, the polish DID last as long as they promised.  Now be prepared to sit in the nail salon soaking your fingers in a cold chemical in order for them to properly remove this polish.  VERY BORING process! Just took too long.  The condition of my nails after the use of the OPI gel was not the same.  I usually have very strong, nice nails.  Always have.  This polish is almost like a lighter version of having wraps on your nails.  Not cool (for me).  It made my nails weaker and now I am trying to salvage them left and right until I get so annoyed that I chop them all off (which I do once in a while anyway).  So BEWARE.  I would use this polish if I was going on a vacation...definitely.  But not on a regular basis.

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