Friday, October 8, 2010


Can you tell what I will be writing about today?? got it!!! STRESS!!  These past two weeks have been the most stressful weeks that I have ever experienced.  I don't remember feeling like this EVER! (Giving birth was easier!!)
     What I am guessing is that there is just too much that I am doing between home and work; work being the issue.  They have really piled a lot of crap on my plate.  Although it can be taken as a compliment...that people at work rely on me to be able and capable of doing things the right way (and not complain) it sometimes can be a little too much.
      Today I was able to voice my issue.  I am doing a whole bunch of other crap but the stuff that I need to get done is being pushed to the side.  MY work is not getting done.  I feel unorganized because my things that should be done, are not, and are not complete....which I can't stand!!  Hopefully all will get corrected after a sit down next week.
     I have a three day weekend and I am hoping to do many fun things with the family and enjoy them and keep the stress away, because I really do not want to hurt anyone.  I really am not a violent person.  I am the complete opposite...I always spread LOVE, JOY, and HAPPY FACES!!!  Now that's more like it!

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