Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haven't been blogging...

So I haven't been on here for over a month to blog. Not that I didn't have anything to write about...I have so much to say, just don't know where to start!

Well, first of all, my holidays were great! Then I started off the New Year with a GREAT trip to Las Vegas with my love and two other couples. I LOVE Vegas and everything about it. The excitement, the casinos, the clubs, the food, the drinks, the lack of sleep! You name it!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!  This trip was purely a long weekend of FUN! 

One always needs a vaca after going to Vegas. That's how you know you had a great time. It is soooo worth it though! I have been there plenty of times and I always want to go back. Have stayed in different hotels; and let me tell you...this time we stayed at the Encore/Wynn hotel. This place was beyond awesome!! It had the greatest restaurants, not to mention two of the best night clubs(XS and Tryst), which, by the way, I LOVED!!!! I posted some pics below!  Everyone on staff was wonderful and the rooms were to die for! Very simple and modern. So elegant... Ahhh! I want to go back SOON! 

We did leave our hotel and ventured to other great places like Rao's... best Italian food.  Bubbles was awesome it felt like we never left New York, smooches to him! LOL!  Stay tuned....our picture will  be on the wall at Rao's with all the movie greats!! This will be the next "reason" we have to go back (to see the picture). 

We also got to see City Center and the Aria.  That was just fun to see the completed product...we were there when it was a blank slate, then when it was halfway up, and this time it was done.

Leaving is always bittersweet.  That my friends is why I go back!  ALWAYS a new adventure ALWAYS great fun!!

Club XS....which has been named "New Club of the Year" and "Mega-Club of the Year" in the 2010 Nightclub & Bar Awards competition, held in conjunction with the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show coming in March in Las Vegas.
XS was also named No. 1 in the rankings of the Top 100 Nightclubs by Nightclub & Bar Magazine.  We had such a great time there, and yes it deserves all of these rankings!!!  It was the absolute best!!

           Butterflies everywhere in Encore!!

  Awesome!  Can't wait to go back!

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