Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We all wish it!!!

A Dollar and a Dream. To most of us it's more a dream than reality. But a dream is a dream. We all have dreams, wishes, and aspirations in our lives. This week I found myself texting my husband that "We really need to hit Lotto!!" If you know me well, I do not say extreme random things like that unless I am truly upset or disgusted.
I have come to the conclusion that I really hate getting up in the morning to go to work. Please don't take this the wrong way.....I LOVE what I do but it's all the excess BS that is tagged onto it. I have no trust in anyone, and I can count on one hand those who are genuine. Scary huh?? Well that's how it is.

I stayed home on my daughters first day of Pre-K, not by choice, mind you--I was told I could not come in late because I was needed in the AM. Well that's when I proceeded to say I will not be coming in at all. You know what?????????? MY DAUGHTER NEEDS ME MORE!!!!!!! And you know what????? I had the best day off EVER!!!!!! I was a real "MOMMY"!!!!!!!!!!! I dropped my kids off at school, got tears in my eyes seeing how brave my daughter was. And then I picked up my kids like the other LUCKY mothers do. Both of my kids appreciated that soooooo much and it was the best feeling in the world!!

Back to hitting the lottery.....I was just thinking, dreaming what my life would be like, if I hit lotto. Ahhh! A Dollar and a Dream! My reality would be a lot different!!

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  1. Unfortunately, I cannot relate to being a mother who has to work and regret time away form her children (since I'm not a mother). And even more unfortunate, I CAN relate to not being able to trust and having only less than a handful of people I do trust. However, I do dream and that is what keeps me hoping, and the hoping is what keeps me striving. So, I will keep my dreams alive and keep using what I consider to be my "Lucky" dollar (for that week), because yes; I do wish it!